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Under Construction - Let People Know When You are Playing

Who is Playing

You can see who else is playing by clicking on this link.

Interested in who is coming to play?

To check who is coming on a particular day you need to let others know that you are going to play by answering the question below. 

On the new page that opens, you click on  See Previous Responses. 

You will then see a list of responses from others pickleball players who have indicated when they will be at the courts to play.

The Pickleball Channel

Check out some amazing doubles play from the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships in Naples, FL. This tournament draws the best players from all around the world, so as you can imagine the action is spectacular - and it’s not over yet! Pickleball Channel is in the middle of it all, and we will be bringing you lots of impressive pickleball from some of the best players. But we couldn’t wait so we’re bringing you this early release of some great doubles action. Watch it now! 

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