2018/19 Board of Directors

ACTC Board of Directors

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  • Paul Jian
  • Alla Marchenko
  • Vice President - Play Director
  • Facilities - Resource Director
  • President - Website Director

Zoran Kulina - Director at Large/Secretary

Annual General Meeting

5.1 Annual Meeting

An annual meeting of the members of the corporation must be held not later than eighteen months after incorporation and subsequently not more than fifteen months after the holding of the last annual meeting. (section 293). 

It is best to have the AGM at approximately the same time each year, usually three to four months after year end to allow for the preparation of the financial statements. For example, if the society has a December 31st year end, the AGM should be held in April/May but, in any event, no later than June 30. (Reference - Bull Housser Consultants)

The last AGM meeting was held in May of 2018, to allow for the preparation of the year end financial statements; and the present incumbents agreed to serve another full year term on the Board. Notice of the 2019/20 AGM will be sent out to the membership at an appropriate lead time as per regulations.  

Tennis and/or Pickleball - a game for life 

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