2018/19 Board of Directors

ACTC Board of Directors

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  • Paul Jian
  • Alla Marchenko
  • Vice President - Play Director
  • Facilities - Resource Director
  • President - Website Director

Zoran Kulina - Director at Large/Secretary

Annual General Meeting

5.1 Annual Meeting

An annual meeting of the members of the corporation must be held not later than eighteen months after incorporation and subsequently not more than fifteen months after the holding of the last annual meeting. (section 293). 

It is best to have the AGM at approximately the same time each year, usually three to four months after year end to allow for the preparation of the financial statements. For example, if the society has a December 31st year end, the AGM should be held in April/May but, in any event, no later than June 30. (Reference - Bull Housser Consultants)

The last AGM meeting was held in May of 2018, to allow for the preparation of the year end financial statements; and the present incumbents agreed to serve another full year term on the Board. Notice of the 2019/20 AGM will be sent out to the membership at an appropriate lead time as per regulations.  

Board Meeting Minutes November 7, 2018

ACTC Board Meeting – In Camera

November 7, 2018 6:30 to 8:30

Venue: 50 Simmons Crescent, Aurora

Present: Bill Reid, Zoran Kulina, Paul Jian, John Stephenson (Minutes Bill R.) Brent MacKinnon – Chair:

Regrets: Alla Marchenko


Brent greeted members and explained the reason for the In-Camera meeting.

1.     Business Arising Item: The purchase of four more LED luminaires to complete the retrofit of our lighting: Motion -

Previous meeting approved in principle to purchase for 4 more LED Luminaires ($12,000) if the club has sufficient funds.

Our current Bank statement shows balance of $5,433.33.

A few more small bills and some more revenue is expected in the months ahead so that the next year will have more than $6,000 to start up the new season in 2019.

The Board decided to defer purchasing four more LED Luminaires at this time as other expenditures need to be considered; Like a May – June cleaning service, Like funding a summer student if an application is not submitted or approved, Like renovations to the interior of the clubhouse.

2.     Review of the Pickleball and Hi – Performance Junior Program

These programs were established to utilize non-peak play times and play space; Thus increasing membership and revenue and community outreach, and to comply with the Town Master Sport Plan to provide multi-purpose community play spaces.

Also, the Club received a $25,000 grant from the Federal New Horizon’s for Seniors Fund that obligated the Club to offer a pickleball program at McMahon Park for five years.

Park benches, wind screens, barbecue grill, and nets were funded by that grant – for the benefit of tennis members, pickleball members and public park spectators.

The Board voted 5/5 to maintain these two programs.

3.     Some members of the Club are claiming that our Hi-Performance Juniors were not paid members. A review was undertaken and our registration shows that 17 juniors and 16 pickleball players are fully paid up members bringing in a total of $$1,000 for ACTC.

4.     Another complaint from some members is that the Board was/is not active enough. The Board attaches a list of some of our activities undertaken in the last 15 years.

5.     The Board is interested in providing an inclusive and convenient voting process for the next administration. The following motion made by William Reid and seconded by Zoran Kulina was reviewed and voted on and passed 5/5.

Motion: That our webmaster create/test/validate an on-line voting system by March 1, 2019,to promote our AGM and enable greater participation and convenience of our members in club administration.”

6.     A motion by William Reid and seconded by John Stephenson was made to “waive the 2019 membership fee for the House League volunteers who worked so diligently this past year”. This applies to Mike Ing, Dan Campbell, Chris Foss and Kevin Gage.

Adjourn: Motion by Zoran, seconded by Paul to adjourn at 8:15 P.M.

Next Meeting Date:  To be determined

Board Activity List 2003 – 2018

  • 1.    2015 Promoted & funded ancillary program called Pickleball.
  • 2.    2017 Promoted Pickleball program for Youth in non-peak playing hours.
  • 3.    2018 Promoted High Performance Tennis program in non-peak hours for Youth with Andres Marco
  • 4.    2018 Completed Led Lighting system to maintain Senior membership/accessibility in evenings.
  • 5.    Secured a tennis ball throwing machine and the soft practice rebound net            – free use for members;
  • 6.    2015 Implemented custom coaching “bring your own coach”
  • 7.    2015 Established a Ladies Friendlies program;
  • 8.    2008 Advocate for and secured cushioned courts;
  • 9.    2015 Secured $25,000 New Horizons 5 year commitment grant;
  • 10. Secured funds Barbecue, picnic tables/ kitchen equipment/washrooms/ benches;
  • 11. Secured multiple Summer Student grants for court/clubhouse maintenance – approximately $3,500 per year;
  • 12. Efficient operations enabled lowest fee structure in catchment basin (removed $800 per year land line, used summer student grant to offset maintenance costs;)
  • 13. 2005 – Current: Transitioned from manual registration system to online membership management and registration system (saving countless hours in volunteer time and improved security for membership details)
  • 14. 2009 – Current; Best website in catchment basin;
  • 15. 2015 – Current; Active contributor to Master Sports Plan for Aurora
  • 16. 2017 – Current; Active affiliation with ancestral home...Hillary House, Aurora Historical Society
  • 17. 2018 Contributor to OTA Club Resources archive with SEED Feasibility Study.
  • 18. and the OTF Community Library; and the Active Aging Canada online sharing platform;
  • 19. 2016 Advocate and present to Aurora Council for an enclosed structure after Timberlane closed.
  • 20. 2005 Secured $60,000 Trillium Fund grant to renovate clubhouse;
  • 21. 2015 Advocated for and successfully petitioned Town to build Park Shelter and seating stone wall.
  • 22. Published Feasibility Study for the Fleury Park Playhouse and presented to the Town Council.
  • 23. 2016 Assisted Newmarket Tennis Club in a $25,000 Trillium Grant.
  • 24. 2016 - Assisted Newmarket Tennis Club and the King City Tennis Club to incorporate. 
  • 25. 2009 - Advocated for and implemented online membership management & registration/fee system;
  • 26. 2018 Assisting NCTC & East Gwillimbury Tennis Club in using membership and registration software - Wild Apricot software.
  • 27. 2000 – 2016 Directed Charles Glavanic to run summer tournaments;
  • 28. 2005 – current; Board directed volunteers to run Friday Night social tennis;
  • 29. 2005 – Current, Appealed to members to fill volunteer roles (on Board, committees or events)


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