Club Rules & Play Etiquette

The main purpose of the ACTC rules is to protect your membership interests so that the behavior of other members does not unduly reduce the enjoyment of your tennis experience.

A secondary purpose is to enable the Club to comply with the terms and conditions of our  agreement with the Town of Aurora.  

  • The public has equal access to the courts from 12 noon to 3 p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • The public has equal access to the courts between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • The public is permitted on the courts at all other times subject to Club Members having priority.

To mitigate vandalism, entrance to the courts may be secured/locked.  Only members are provided with a secure access code to obtain the court key.  In an emergency, a contact number is posted at the courts.  Please allow up to 1 hour for a response.

    • The consumption of alcohol on the tennis courts is prohibited.
    • Talk quietly on or near the tennis courts that are in use.
    • Loud and disturbing vocalizations and offensive language are not permitted.
    • Do not litter or deposit gum on the court surfaces.
    • The courts are to be vacated on the hour and half hour if other members are waiting.
    • The last member shall turn off the court lights.
    • Singles cannot be played if two or more players are waiting for a court.
    • The clubhouse is to be locked by the last person leaving the courts.
  • The consumption of alcohol in the Clubhouse, or on its deck, is prohibited.
  • Lights must be turned out, heat down, coffee pot turned off, and the door closed by the last member.
  • Damage or theft of club, town or to another member's property will result in membership cancellation.
  • The clubhouse combination is for members only.


    • These rules apply without change to the Fleury Park Courts and to any other courts used for the Club's organized activities and for inter county teams etc.
    • These rules shall apply equally to guest players.
    • The Club reserves the right to collect a $5 per day guest fee.
    • You are responsible for registering your guest and for advising them of any applicable rules.
    • Any member has the right to ask any offending member to adhere to the above rules, and may file a complaint with the board by telephoning any board member. The complainant's identity cannot be protected.
    • The Club Pro, any team captain, board member or manager hired by the club may terminate play as required to restore order and protect the safety of other members, and shall report the incident to the board.
    • Violation of any of the above rules could result in the cancellation of your membership.
    • The failure of the Board to insist upon the strict performance of any of the above rules will not constitute a waiver of such rule[s]. The position of any responsible party who fails to apply the rules may be terminated.
  • The Board reserves the right to cancel any membership for the balance of the season for any infraction of the above rules upon passing a motion supported by 2/3rds or more of the board members present. The complainant and offender will be invited to attend the board meeting or to appoint a representative. The motion will be debated in private and followed by a blind vote. A standard of absolute proof does not apply. The decision of the Board is final, and may apply to subsequent seasons depending on individual circumstances.
  • The Board reserves the right to similarly terminate any employee or responsible party for any failure to act.

April 1, 2015

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