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Multipurpose Fabric Structures - The ACTC Recommendation

In previous emails to Aurora Council members we referred to two fabric structure facilities built by the town of Collingwood, just north of us in the snow belt. These fabric structure facilities were built by BLT Construction Services with headquarters in Toronto. 

In the video below, you will hear from the Collingwood Mayor, Town Council members,  Town staff and users of the complex. The video will showcase the benefits of a fabric skin structure with raisable sides and the tremendous cost and environmental benefits over bubble technology or bricks and mortar buildings.

This video also backs up the ACTC position that a tennis bubble is not good enough for our Town or our summer operating community tennis club. 

You can visit the BLT Construction Company website to see more structures like this all over the world. 

You can also visit the Sprung Company website and see their videos of fabric structure facilities serving many sectors and built as far north as Yellowknife and other locations that have extreme climates. 

I've included a link to a story appearing in a magazine called Athletic Fitness (The Resource for Athletic, Fitness & Recreational Professionals). The title of the article is "Fabric Structures Proliferate as Permanent Multipurpose Venues".

Tennis a game for life 

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