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Greetings Candidates,

The ACTC Board is asking a question of Council members standing for election or re-election. ACTC members are encouraged to individually contact any or all candidates with our question or their own questions. We also encourage our members to attend the All Candidates meeting held at the Aurora Canadian Legion on Wednesday, Oct. 15th - doors open at 6:30 pm. 

A Question from ACTC members to incumbent and aspiring Aurora Councillors

To aid us in casting our vote in the coming election the ACTC Board of Directors requests your response to an important question. You may receive this question from individual ACTC members via email. Also, we will post your response on our website. The ACTC Board, ACTC members and ex Glenway and Timberlane members will be in attendance at the upcoming Sports Aurora sponsored all candidates meeting. (Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014, Aurora Canadian Legion - doors open at 6:30 p.m.)

Preamble: (a brief description to help you understand the issues related to our question)  

First, ACTC has promoted the installation of a multi-purpose facility, (tennis being primary usage), because multiple users would increase revenue so that the operator would make some profit and the facility would likely operate for decades. If it doesn’t make a profit then it is sold off. Like Glenway, like Timberlane, like the Highlands. So those of you who think we should just advocate for a tennis only facility; please reconsider the economic history of such a business model. 

Secondly, a multi-purpose facility appeals to a wider congregation of user groups. A wider group would receive greater community support. Thus the implication for the politician is that they would receive support from the Pickle Ball, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton clubs….. as well the Tennis supporters. 

Thirdly, the ACTC is an outdoor warm weather club. It is subject to rain outs which disrupt our scheduled programs like house leagues and Inter-county team matches. Thus it is interested in a rain out venue to stay on schedule. A bubble structure is the least preferred facility to play in on a humid, hot summer day.  A structure with raisable sides is much preferable and obviates the huge expense of air conditioning equipment to make a bubble comfortable. 

Fourthly, the Town has never issued a Request for Proposal for a multi-purpose facility with raisable sides that would be design/built and operated by a private entrepreneur on land owned by the Town and leased to the operator. So no cost to taxpayer! Town staff has never provided a cost benefit comparison of a bubble, semi-rigid and rigid structures for Council to consider. ACTC did provide a benefit comparison with our Feasibility Report submitted in 2013. No Councillor ever responded to requests sent to them by ACTC to offer a more detailed briefing of our proposals. Why not? So much for being open to community input. 

Our Question: 

We ask of incumbent and aspiring councillors is: 

If you are elected, would you make a motion and or vote to support a motion, to issue a Request for Proposal for a multipurpose facility with raisable side walls”


Brent MacKinnon, 

President - Aurora Community Tennis Club

Board of Directors

Tennis a game for life 

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