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Duncan Chan Singles & Doubles Champion - Medellin Columbia; International Under 14 Event

In Medellin, Colombia, ACTC Member, Duncan Chan, took both the Singles and Doubles titles of the International Under 14 Event. 

The tournament is part of the International COSAT Circuit.

Duncan beat in the Singles Final, Samuel Heredia from Colombia 3/6 6/3 6/2

He also took the Doubles Title home partnering Colombian Player Miguel Tobon. 

Andrew Jun Loch Li & Alexander Ivanevic Winners- Bramalea Summer Fest Provincial Circuit Tournament

Bramalea Summer Fest, Provincial Circuit”. July 15th - 18th

In the Under 16 age group, ACTC Player Andrew Jun Loch LI, seeded 2, beat Trevor James Rein  in the finals 6/4 6/3 to take the title.


 In the Under 18, age group, ACTC Player Aleksandar Ivancevic, seeded 2 beat Emmanuel Clyde Cottle in the finals 7/5 6/3 to take the title. 

Amy Mucea Winner - OTA Grass Court Champion

At the “OTA Grass Court Championships”, played in Adjala, Ontario from July 20th - 29th, ACTC Player, Amy MUCEA, took both the Singles and Doubles Titles. 

In Singles, she defeated in a tight 2/6 6/4 6/4 match, the Nr 1 seed Sophia Anna STOICA. 

In Doubles partnering Sophia Anna STOICA, she also took the title home. 

With this success, Amy moves to position Nr 8 of the Canadian Under 12 Singles Ranking and confirms her Nr 1 position in the Canadian Under 12 Doubles Ranking.

Results - Under 12 & Under 16 Boys & Girls Provincial Championships

Edward Kruppe

Ontario Under 12 Boys Singles Outdoor Provincial Champion

This week end, the Under 12 and Under 16 Boys and Girls Provincial Championships were held in two different venues. Kew Gardens for the Under 12 and University of Toronto Scarborough Campus for the Under 16.

40 Players competed in each draw : 

32 went in as Direct Acceptances selected by OTA / National Canadian Ranking.

and 8 more got in through the Qualifying competition.


I only had one Girl in the Singles Draw : Amy MUCEA.

Amy made it to the quarter final in the Singles Main Draw, and finished as Runner Up in the feed-in Consolation event. She ended up 6th in the Singles Competition.

In Doubles, Amy and her partner, Sarah GUTKOWSKI, won the Competition and took home the Provincial title. 

With this win, Amy returns to the Nr 1 position of the Canadian Under 12 Girls, Doubles Ranking. (Picture attached).

Amy has through this run, qualified for the Under 12 Canadian National Championships


I had 3 Boys in the Main Draw : Quincy Qianzhou YAO (age 11), Ranak Sameek PAJPANI (age 11) and Edward KRUPPE (age 12).

Both Quincy and Ranak just turned 11.

- Quincy went through Qualifying (where he won 2 matches), and lost in the first round of the Main Draw to Ranak.

In Doubles, he partnered, Eric Jonathan MA and lost in the first round.

- Ranak beat Quincy in the first round of the Singles Main Draw and lost in the Second

In Doubles, he partnered Andrei Dan CARAGEA, and made it to the quarter final, after taking out the Nr 3 seeded team.

- Edward won the Under 12 Provincial Singles title, after taking out the Nr 2 ranked Canadian Under 12 player in the semi final and the Nr 1, in the Final. (Picture attached)

In Doubles, Edward partnered Michael GUTKOWSKI and won one round. He lost in the second round to Ranak and Andrei.

Ed has hereby qualified for the Under 12 Canadian National Championships as Ontario’s     Nr 1.


Duncan Chan - age 13

I had 4 Boys in the Main Draw : James Wyatt SEERAJ (age 14), Arden Robert D’ANIELLO (age 15), Aleksandar IVANCEVIC (age 13) and Duncan CHAN (age 13).

- James went through 2 Qualifying rounds and lost in the First Round of the Main Draw

In Doubles, he partnered Huasen DONG, and lost in the First Round.

- Arden won his First round in the Main Draw, and lost to the Nr 2 seed in the Second Round.

In Doubles, partnering Aidan ZIA, he made it to the Quarter Final.

- Aleksandar lost in the First Round of the Main Draw.

In Doubles, partnering Aleksandar MITRIC, he lost in the Second Round.

- Duncan won two rounds in the Singles Main Draw and lost in Quarter Finals to the Nr 1 seeded player.

In Doubles, partnering Simon KUSZINSKI, Duncan won the Provincial Doubles Title. (picture attached).

Duncan has qualified for the Under 16 Canadian National Championships.

Andres Marco - High Performance Junior Coach

Andres Marco & Adrian Smith - ranked # 2 in Canada 2016

Andres is an internationally known tennis coach who lives in Aurora. Andres has being coaching his high level junior players at ACTC for the past several years. He also coaches at the AVIVA Center, home of the Rogers Cup. 

This year, the Board is pleased to announce that Andres will have an official role as the ACTC High Performance Coach. Andres will also provide instruction clinics to our Inter-County teams.

The Board is very pleased that Andres ran for a position on the Board of Directors. He is now on the 2019 Board as Director at Large. 

Response to Complaints re. High Performance Program

Posted July 23, 2019 

Dear (name removed), 

I have carefully read your email to the Board and am sorry to tell you that you are slightly mistaken in your observations. 

Effectively, you might be able to see some of the kids who have been mentioned in the newsletter training at MRTC in the Winter, but they train in MY personal High Performance Program (on Courts 1 and 2), which is absolutely Independent from the one which MRTC runs. 

I work as an Independent Contractor in MRTC and only with selected HP players.

The term “High Performance” is heavily misused. 

Having dealt with top world class Pro Players and International level Juniors all my life, I can tell you that the term High Performance ONLY applies to highly ranked (at Provincial and National level), players and ONLY within their respective age groups. 

There is not a real SINGLE High Performance Player in the MRTC Junior Program. 

I have taken some time to check the Summer Boys and Girls Under 12,14, 16 and 18 Provincials draws to verify details. Eight Draws in total.

You have to know that each draw of the Provincials counts 40 players (32 are so called Direct Acceptances and 8 come through a Qualifying event). Both the Ontario Tennis Association Ranking and the Tennis Canada rankings are considered when selecting these players. Hardly any player with a Provincial ranking lower than Nr 80 in his age group has got in any Qualifying event.

I can affirm that not A SINGLE player from the MRTC High Performance Program has taken part in any of the Provincials (neither in Qualifying, nor in Main Draw). 

Furthermore, only ONE player from our area (a kid who trains at the Newmarket Indoor Facility with Brian Draxl, has been able to play Main Draw in the Under 18 Provincials : Dallas RAMSEY).

But you can find 8 of our Junior Club Members among the players who competed in the Boys and Girls Under 12, 14, 16 and 18 Provincials. 

3 of them, who are way above the lot, not only competed in their own age group, but one above. And with success.

4 of them have qualified for the Canadian Nationals (which means that they are top 32 or better in the Nation).

2 of them have qualified for 2 Nationals, their own age group one, and the one above.

Not a SINGLE academy in Toronto has been able to place that many players in the Provincials or Nationals, and I am not talking about the few titles the kids got. 

I do not look for ANY type of personal advertising and as a matter of fact, do not publish ANYTHING in social media looking for ANY type of recognition. I just want the kids to be a bit rewarded for their hard work and their achievements.

And regarding the idea of having the kids play in the ACTC Teams, I can tell you that it is not feasible. My 2 best 13 Years old (one ranked 3, the other 12 in Canada), play Men’s Majors in Line 1 and 2, and have not lost a single match so far.

Those matches are used as practice, and there is no point for them to play in Intercounty A or B. 

The competitive schedules of those kids are incredibly busy and there is hardly any time for social tennis. And many are members in other clubs as well, to be able to practice even more.

If the ACTC Teams are willing to improve, I am open to provide them with some serious training. Just contact me.

2016 High Performance Youth

Below is a list of the young tennis students from the High Performance Camp in 2016. 

  • Adrian Smith, nationally ranked # 5 under 12 age category in the OTA and # 12 in Tennis Canada's National ranking system. Adrian is a first year under 12 years of age player and is nationally ranked # 2 in Canada. 
  • Sebastian SMITH - Sebastian is a first year player in the under 14 category and is nationally ranked # 40 in the OTA ranking system.
  • Maya Chernous - Maya is a first year player in the under 14 category. She is nationally ranked  # 86 in the OTA system and is also nationally ranked # 194 in Tennis Canada's ranking system. 
  • Vlad Andreescu - Vlad is in the first year in the under 12 category and is nationally ranked # 31 with the OTA and # 80 in the Tennis Canada rating system.  
  • Aleksandar Ivancevic - Aleksandar is in his first year in the under 12 category.  He is nationally ranked # 26 in the OTA system and # 64 in the Tennis Canada ranking system. 
  • Duncan CHAN - Duncan is in his first year playing in the under 12 category. Duncan is nationally ranked # 25 in the OTA ranking system and is # 62 in the Tennis Canada system. 
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