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  The Pickleball Bible

The Pickleball Bible

The Pickleball Bible is the most comprehensive manual we have found for instructing new and experienced pickleball players. Are you interested in learning proper stroke techniques? Each stroke section has links to videos that demonstrate proper technique. 

We train individuals to be PATS program Trainers using the Pickleball Bible modules. Interested players can contact Brent MacKinnon for more information on taking part in our "train the trainer" workshops.

We offer scholarships for individuals wishing to become certified pickleball instructor/coaches. Pickleball Certification is offered by the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association. ACTC will pay the fees charged for each step of the 4 stage process. Please visit the IPTPA certification page for more information.   

Negative Transfer of Skills

Written by the author of the Pickleball Bible, this post clearly explains why it is important to "practice with purpose". Many tennis and badminton players rely on their skills when playing pickleball and are satisfied with their performance. They don't take time to learn the different skills needed to excel at pickleball. Read the full post here.

"You need to spend time practicing and refining specific skill techniques to get better.  Unfortunately, most Pickleball players only play the game. Only playing the game will strengthen already existing skills that may or may not be very proficient.   Practicing bad or inefficient techniques will only consolidate and reinforce those techniques.Focusing on a few very specific skills and techniques before playing can significantly speed up and elevate one’s competitive level.  

Download the Pickleball Bible

The document below is the Pickleball Bible. The PATS program is built around the Pickleball Bible. You can download this PDF document by clicking on the download option in the top right corner of the cover page. You can also click on this link to download Pickleball Bible Coaches-Training Manual.pdf

PATS is a trademark name for the Pickleball PATS Program

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