Pickleball and Healthy Development

Top 10 Reasons to Love Pickleball

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 A game which started out as a past time in a family backyard is now officially a competitive sport. It’s no surprise that even non-players of both tennis and badminton are looking at what the rave is all about. Who wouldn’t love to get together with some friends and play this dynamic yet low impact sport. Learn something new and see how you can have loads of fun trying out Pickleball.

  1. It’s easy to learn the game. 
  2. Anyone can play pickleball.
  3. Winning the game can be easily done. 
  4. It has a small movement friendly playing area. 
  5. You can play pickleball just about anywhere. 
  6. Pickleball is social
  7. Pickleball can be competitive.  
  8. Pickleball has numerous health benefits.
  9. Pickleball is relatively inexpensive to play
  10. Pickleball can break up the monotony. 

Friendships & Family Bonding

(excerpted from the Tennis Court Supply Co.)

Family Bonding

Here's a good opportunity for grandparents to actually play a sport with their grandchildren. Pickleball is one of the sports today that they can get into together without the other having a hard time or risking physical conditions.

Parents, of course, can also join. Thus, pickleball can be played by an entire family. This is a wonderful time for family members to bond and have fun with one another.


Whether you are playing this game with family or friends, you will undoubtedly have a good time. This form of enjoyment or recreation is valuable in allowing you to unwind and relax amid stressful conditions or after several days of work.

The sport is certainly a great way to bond and have fun together with family and friends. You can clear your mind and avoid getting depressed or worried about problems when you have something like this as your outlet.

With such benefits, pickleball has picked up quickly and continues to be a great option for sports lovers and those looking to engage in a fun form of exercise.

Tennis and/or Pickleball - a game for life 

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