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The Pickleball Central Blog has all things pickleball!. You can search for any supplies you need on this site. Their latest post discusses the pros and cons on different shaped paddles.

Instruction Videos & Articles

Prem Carnot: How to Graciously Play with Better Players - (AKA) How to make sure you are not that person everyone hates playing with. 

Winning Pickleball Instruction Videos - Mark Friedenberg

Our first videos comprise a 20-video series of approximately 112 minute runtime, $15 for unlimited viewing.

Pickleball4 All - an excellent source of instruction.

Here is a guide made especially for beginners.

Tennis to Pickleball - 3 Tips

Pickleball 4 All - Why Pickleball is so attractive to all.

Doubles Strategy

Pickleball for All Ages - an article but an excellent overview of why Pickleball attracts all ages.

Pickleball Channel - Instruction

The PIckleball Channel has a great repository of instruction videos. These videos cover all the basic shots. Unfortunately, embedding video from Vimeo is not possible due to sharing restrictions. 

Here are a series of the Pickleball Channel videos found on Youtube.  

The Pickleball Channel has it all

Tennis a game for life 

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