Research Foundation for the PATS and P & A Program

On this page we list research and reference documents. These videos and articles are our foundation for the PATS and P & A Programs. Our programs where designed and delivered using the findings/conclusions from leading researchers in the field of kinesiology, therapeutic recreation, physical literacy, parkinson's and arthritis. 

The Three Stages of Motor Learning - Fitts and Posner

This video explains the three stages of learning motor skills. Fitts and Posner's three stage model is a traditional cognitive theory for explaining motor learning. It is thought that through practice, learners progress through the three stages in a linear manner. It is important that coaches and other practitioners use motor learning theories to guide the prescription of practice. (Reference - Sports Science Collective)

The Fitts and Posner 3 Stage Model

Ericson - Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice calls for the individual to focus on a defined task, typically identified by a teacher, to improve particular aspects of performance; it involves repeated practice along with coaching and immediate feedback on performance. The attained level of expertise has been shown to be closely related to time devoted to deliberate practice in the performance of expert musicians, chess players, and athletes.

Three Stages of Expert Practice

PATS is a trademark name for the Pickleball PATS Program

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