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There are several posts on this page that describe how pickleball can be played on tennis courts and why the ACTC Board supports this game for our community.  Please scroll down to view all the posts. 

Blended Lines: Accommodating the needs of the Tennis & Pickleball communities

This video illustrates how blended pickleball lines on a tennis court does not interfere or affect tennis players.

ACTC Board Supports Pickleball

The ACTC Board of Directors has thoroughly researched the advantages of integrating pickleball into our tennis club. Below is a chronological history of pickleball at ACTC.

A brief history of Pickleball at ACTC

2013 – The Board noted how little our courts were used during afternoon hours. The Board learned about the rising popularity of Pickleball, especially popular as a transition sport for aging tennis players. The Board  decided to try this game out at ACTC. Read More....

Tennis RIP - Pickleball is the Sport (for some)

This is an interesting and entertaining post on a site called jennifer`s pickleball blog. It`s written by a high level club players who moved on to pickleball as her sore joints and limbs demanded she stop playing tennis

Tennis vs Pickleball Feud

A tennis pro whose whole life has centered around tennis, eventually got over his initial urge to dismiss pickleball and instead decided to do the opposite. He didn't just tolerate it, he embraced it. And it didn't take long for his skills to translate......read more......  

Former Council Member Proposes Solution to Pickleball Problem

In the community of Peachland, British Columbia, a former council member presents a solution to resolve a pickleball conflict with the Town of Peachland. Pickleball players requested the Town paint pickleball lines on tennis courts. One of this former (aching joints, legs pushed him to pickleball) tennis player`s points addressed the how many tennis players believe they have exclusivity rights of municipal owned courts....read more. 

Pickleball and Tennis: Can they be Friends

Insiders say the explosive growth of pickleball can be a positive for the tennis market — if tennis lets it.

The Tennis Industry magazine published this insightful article. 

Pickleball - Tennis Contrast Side by Side

This video shows the similarities and the differences between pickleball and tennis. At ACTC we use a divider net just like this one when we have pickleball and tennis been played at the same time.
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