Developing our ACTC Pickleball Program

The ACTC Board is seeking volunteer help to develop the ACTC Pickleball program at ACTC. A Pickleball Committee will be struck that will give guidance and support in the development of the program. Photos will help chronicle the development of Pickleball play at ACTC.

Pickleball Committee

Pickleball Committee Members: Annette Gagne, Bill Reid, John Seaman, Brent Mackinnon (missing members are Doug Kilpatrick, Susan Ross)

The Terms of Reference for our Pickleball Committee is not formally set at this time. However the core business of this Committee is to: 

  • Increase awareness and participation at the ACTC Pickleball program
  • Plan outreach and celebration events
  • Decide on and publish to existing and new members the structure, process, and guidelines for pickleball at ACTC
  • Develop programs that extends the participation of pickleball after our summer season ends i.e. sharing knowledge (instruction) and our pickleball nets, bats and equipment to local schools and teachers.

Letter Supporting ACTC Pickleball Program

We received a very positive letter of support from one of our long time tennis club members. Shelly visited the pickleball courts during her lunch hour and shared some of her thoughts with a  few of us about our Pickleball Program. A few weeks later she sent me a letter she composed after her visit to the club. 

I asked her permission to share her letter with our membership. She graciously agreed to my request. I think the letter gets at some very important points about the Pickleball Program and why the Board has chosen to to start a program at ACTC. 

To:   ACTC Board of Directors 

As a long-time member of the Aurora Community Tennis Club (ACTC) and resident of Aurora, I would like to thank the Board for bringing Pickleball to our community this summer.  Last month I had the opportunity to visit ACTC during the day and see for myself what Pickleball is all about after reading the information about it on our club website.  I was so pleased to see one court fully used by ladies and men thoroughly enjoying themselves playing Pickleball with about five more people waiting to take their turn! 

Your leadership in applying and being successful in securing funding to start this program was very wise and financially responsible.  Your efforts have brought to our Club a sport that is inclusive of all age groups and skill levels.   The efforts of the Board clearly demonstrate that as a Club we are reaching out to the broader Aurora community and offering a fun, low impact, and sociable sport.  As an avid and “not as young as I used to be” tennis player, I can see how Pickleball is attractive to individuals who have been accustomed to playing the wonderful game of tennis, but experience physical restrictions that keep them off the courts.  Although the Club is marketing the sport to the senior age group, it is great to see younger players taking part as well.  I am also very pleased to see that with the introduction of Pickleball the Club is still able to offer to its members a full range of tennis leagues and teams (for both daytime and evening hours). 

Thanks again for bringing to Aurora this new opportunity to keep active and have fun!

Shelly Young

Lessons from Other Clubs

This is a great website about Pickleball in Bend Oregon. The post is called "Bend Oregon Pickleball Explosion - Tips from their success. Below is a their list of tips. There is plenty more other resources on their website. Take a few minutes and learn how others are developing pickleball in their area.  


1. Develop Need. If there’s not a visible component showing the need of people wanting to play, nothing will get done.

2. Ambassador Program.  Start beginning training – classes, demos, clinics.  Build your ambassadors so there is a strong group to help build the growth of the sport in your area.

 3. Media.  Make sure the press knows what’s going on so you can get articles written and gain support from your community.

 4.  Identify facilities.  Zero in on a community facility where people can play.

 5. Actual needs. Develop your funding plan around the actual needs of the group.

Photos of Pickleball Under Development

In these photos we see Bill Reid one of the authors of our Pickleball Grant. He is showing us the new nets designed for Pickleball and the paddles used. Testing out the tape on our courts was important as we will train volunteers to do this job before each Pickleball session. We installed a divider net to keep errant tennis balls from going into the Pickleball courts.

Pickleball in Florida

All across North America Pickleball is getting discovered. In retirement communities they are especially appreciated for the health benefits and social aspects. In these pictures, Pickleball is an active program at the Pelican Preserve Community in Fort Meyers Florida.

PATS is a trademark name for the Pickleball PATS Program

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