Pickleball Certification

ACTC Scholorship Program

The ACTC PATS Pickleball Program is seeking candidates to complete their pickleball certification through the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA). 

The IPTPA is an Association that is a world leader in developing teaching standards for the sport of pickleball.   

The Pickleball PATS program is building a pool of certified pickleball instructors so that players, clubs and municipal governments know they are receiving professional, accredited and insured services. 

The ACTC has formed a relationship with a IPTPA Certified instructor who is a Certified Rating Specialist. Based in Kitchener, Looey Tremblay is a international championship caliber player and one of Canada's first IPTPA certified Instructors. 

The 4 stages of certification for professional pickleball coaches and instructors are:

Application - Written Exam - Skills Test - Observed Teaching Lesson

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area you are eligible a scholarship that will pay for your certification fees. You must initiate registration in the IPTPA certification process before you request scholarship support. The ACTC will pay the certification fees as candidates go through the certification process.Please contact the PATS Pickleball Program Coordinator if you are interested in learning more on how you can become a Professional Pickleball Instructor. 

International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (click to enlarge)

Certification Assessment

Looey Tremblay IPTPA certified Rating Specialist puts Michael Chao of Newmarket Ontario through a series of stroke proficiency drills. Michael passed the stroke proficiency section and is now working on the coaching proficiency section of the certification process.

In this picture, Looey is evaluating Michael's instruction skills to an inexperienced player.    

PATS is a trademark name for the Pickleball PATS Program

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