Physical Literacy Through Pickleball

What is Physical Literacy

Physical literacy has been defined as having the competence, confidence and motivation to move effectively. It includes having fundamental movement skills, fundamental sport skills, and the ability to read the environment and make appropriate decisions.

Individuals with well-developed physical literacy:

  • move confidently and with control in a wide range of physical activities;
  • have the knowledge and motivation to be physically active;
  • build a foundation for their future health and wellbeing.

Why Is This Important?

Children don’t develop movement skills spontaneously—they need opportunities, supportive instruction, and good role models. If the ability, confidence and desire to move isn’t developed early, children risk being left out of play, sports and games, and choosing a path of sedentary behavior leading to ill-health.

Today, over 90% of Canadian kids aged 5 – 17 don’t get enough physical activity—but kids who develop good movement skills early are more likely to be active as adults. Development of physical literacy is a gateway to a healthy active lifestyle as well as a foundation for success in sport.

Movement Preparation Beginning the lesson with a movement preparation warm-up prepares the body for movement while improving the way participants move. This reduces the risk of injury, while developing

skills and helping participants get ready to take part in unfamiliar activities.

Why Pickleball?

Pickleball is a perfect way to learn the skills required for all racquet sports. The equipment is lighter and the pace of the game slower to enable participants to gain confidence, competence and motivation. Participants will learn different types of movement skills and concepts, movement strategies and increase their movement competencies.

Download the Physical Literacy Through Pickleball Manual.

Physical Literacy Through Pickleball

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