Rain Out - Make Up Games

Rain Out - Make Up ICTA Game

When ICTA team rain out matches are scheduled to play in member open play (drop-in) time slots, ACTC Members can begin using the courts as they become empty (matches are completed).

Tuesday and Thursday evenings are scheduled time slots for ICTA matches. When courts are empty because ICTA teams are playing away, the courts are accessible for members for open drop-in play. However, rain out (make up) matches are often arranged on those nights that one of the ACTC Teams are away. As Tuesday and Thursday are scheduled ICTA times slot, rain out matches take precedence over drop in play activity on those evenings. 

The public hours for court usage on the weekend starts at 3 p.m. ending at 6 p.m. If any InterCounty match is played during Public times and members of the Public arrive (or waiting for a court) the court changeover rule applies. Singles play up to the half hour, doubles play up to the hour.

The ACTC has no authority to allocate ACTC court time during the Town's allocated Public times. The ACTC Board has no authority to guarantee court time nor extend court time for InterCounty matches.  

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