LED Lighting at McMahon Park

Retrofit of Lighting System

For years we have listened to members complain about the poor lighting inhibiting play in the evening. In 2015 we surveyed our membership asking how many gave up playing in the evening due to the lighting conditions. We learned that at least 25 members stopped playing at night because they couldn't see the ball due to the dark areas on the courts.

The Boards research on sports lighting concluded that newly developed LED lighting would improve playing conditions. Spill light trespass, and glare would be reduced because most of the LED light would be directed down to the court surface. Thus ground level light will be increased. The new LED lights will actually be less bright than the existing metal halide lamps and consume less energy. A plus for the environment!

Please read the Ephesus Guide below. This guide will give you an easy to understand overview of their retrofit LED lighting system. The Board is currently visiting our neighbours who live around the McMahon Park perimeter. We are informing them of our plans to install LED lights and how this new lighting technology will affect them. We are also giving them the contact information at the Town so they can discuss any concerns with town officials or Town Council members.  

Ephesus Retrofit LED Lighting System

The Ultimate Guide to Retrofitting Your Courts to LED

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