ACTC Inter-County Teams

ACTC is a member of the Intercounty Tennis Association (OTA) which is an Intercounty League. Many members have found completive play a lot of fun and an opportunity to challenge yourself as well as to socialize and meet members from other clubs. It’s a wonderful way to make new friends and participate in a lifelong sport.

The Club’s competitive members play for 14 weeks (from mid May until mid August), traveling to surrounding clubs. Members of a team do not have to be available for all 14 weeks.

We are hoping for enough interest to field a number of teams.

Please see the accompanying table for the 2020 tryout schedule. All those interested in trying out for any of our Intercounty teams please contact us at before April 11th.

 TeamDate TimeLocation 
 Ladies A   MRTC
 Ladies B   MRTC
 Mix C   MRTC
 55 +   MRTC

If you have not played Intercounty Tennis for ACTC before and cannot make tryouts or, if you have any team related questions please contact our Team Representative Liz Galluzzo at Those trying out will be contacted by the team captain after tryouts as soon as possible.

Details of Intercounty Leagues

Since we want to appeal to a great number of players we are planning to participate on three different leagues.

Morning Ladies League

The morning Ladies League plays 4 doubles matches on Wednesday mornings. We will be fielding teams at the A and the B level. 

Morning 55+ Mixed League

The morning 55+ Mixed League plays three matches on Thursday morning: mens and ladies doubles and a mixed doubles match.

The Evening Mixed League

The evening Mixed League plays six matches on Thursday evening at 7:00pm.  There are 12 players required for each fixture, 8 men and 4 women. At each mixed league fixture, there are 6 matches played: 3 mens, 2 mixed and 1 ladies doubles.

It is important to note that we always select more team members then we need for a fixture as we assume that no one will be available for all 14 weeks during the summer season.

TRYOUT DATES to be announced

Team Selection Policy & Process

A selection committee is formed to evaluate and create a roster of players for each team. The Selection Committee is comprised of:

  1. Captain from the current year;
  2. The Club Pro;
  3. A delegated ACTC Board member who oversees the Selection Committee and participates in the selection process. When differences of opinion occur, he/she can mediate the situation. 

Selection Criteria:

  • Evaluation on Inter-County Try Out Days (strokes, consistency, strategy, team play)
  • Past Year Won - Loss Record
  • Assessment of overall play aptitude & attitude i.e. confidence, willing to learn, able to reflect and work on improvements to their game; adding to social harmony of team and club.
  • Players who choose not to try out, expecting to be automatically placed on a team, risk missing out on a place on the roster.
  • All players must be ACTC members in good standing prior to tryouts and throughout the season.

Inter-County Rain-out policy & schedule changes

We do make every attempt to schedule these rain out games on times that don't disrupt member access. 

Rain out matches will be scheduled on the weekend and every other Thursday evening. These matches are a priority and may bump members from open court informal play. 

If Tuesday or Thursday night games are scheduled to play away, but at the last minute learns that the away tennis club has unplayable courts, they can (may) choose to play their match at ACTC. Members must vacate the courts to let the Inter County teams complete their matches.   

Please refer to this page for announcements about scheduled rain out matches.

Tennis a game for life 

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