How to Make a Motion to the Board

A board of directors is the governing body of a business, organization, or group. If you want the board to take a particular action, you need to make a motion or submission to the Board of Directors. 

The Board requires written submissions before they can consider motions or suggestions by members. The outline below is the key information needed by the Board before the motion/submission can be brought forward as a business item. 

  1. A motion has to have a title;
  2. A brief description;
  3. Proposed solution;
  4. Identification of "submitters"; 
  5. Drafts are submitted to our mailing address or delivered via e-mail or in person to all Board members;
  6. If a Board member or members agree to support your draft motion/submission, he or she can put forward a motion to be seconded and then discussed be the full Board of Directors;
  7. At the conclusion of  the Board discussion on  the draft motion/submission, the President calls for a vote. The vote is minuted and the membership is informed of the decision. 
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