How to Communicate Issues to the Board

A board of directors is the governing body of a business, organization, or group. If a member(s) want the board to take a particular action, the member(s) need to make a written submission to the Board of Directors. 

The Board requires a written submission before they can consider making a motion (or take other actions). The outline below is the key information needed by the Board to appropriately address the issue(s) presented by the member(s).  

1. The issue(s) need to have a “subject” statement. This is a concise statement that captures the concern or complement. A statement is much like an email, where you create a subject to capture the intent of the message.

2. A brief description of the issue(s);

3. A brief description of what you believe is/are the solution(s);

4. Identification of the "submitters"; List any other members that share your complaint or complement;

5. Send your submission to our mailing address or deliver via e-mail or in person to all Board members;

6. If a majority of Board members agree that the issues submitted merit Board action, the Board will:

  • Make a motion that addresses the issue(s) presented in the submission; If the motion is carried (passed), the membership is informed via email and on our website announcement  announcement page; If the motion is not carried (passed) the author(s) of the submission are informed.
  • Take other actions or procedures to address the issue(s); (does not require a motion)
  • Conduct a poll that gathers member input on the issue(s);  
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