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Financial Documents

Financial Statement - July 2019

Financial Statement July 2019 - click on to open

Financial Reports 2014 - 2018

Please click on Revenue and Expenses 2018

Please click on Statement of Assets and Liabilities 2018

Please click on 2016 Revenue & Expenses Summary

Please click on Financial Summaries for Revenue & Expenses 2014 & 2015

Please click on  Balance of Bank Account - 2019-09-26

Please click on  Minutes of 2018 Annual General Meeting

Please click on Minutes of 2019 Annual Meeting

Please note:

The Revenue and Expenses for 2018 includes Revenue & Expenses for 2017.

The Statement of Assets and Liabilities for 2018 include 2016 and 2017. 

Canada Revenue Agency - GST/HST Rebates

As a not for profit business the ACTC is eligible to apply for grants that support our MIssion.The ACTC Board is proud to report that over the past decade we have secured Federal and Provincial grants that improve our facilities and programming.

The Canada Revenue Agency allows non profits like ours to apply for GST/HST rebates. Below is the summary of rebates we have received. The ACTC Board will be submitting additional rebate applications for 2018. 

Please Click on CRA Rebate January 1 - June 30 2015

Please Click on CRA Rebate July 1 - December 31 2015

Pending Rebates: January 1 2017 - June 30 2017 and July 1 - December 31 2017

Summer Student Applications - asking for help

We have been successful over the past 5 years in our grant writing to the Federal Government for a summer student position. The President and Facilities Directors (Brent MacKinnon & Bill Reid) write the application each year. 

We believe there are talented people in our membership who can do the grant writing. If you have interest in helping ACTC secure these very important grants, Bill and Brent will gladly help you get started. Please contact Brent MacKinnon if you would like to volunteer.

 ACTC at: McMahon Park, 76 Maple Street (corner of Maple & Fleury), Aurora ON, L4G 1L2  

 Contact by email:                                    Tennis a game for life

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