ACTC Board Supports Pickleball - continued

2014 – The Board experimented with Pickleball courts using taped Pickleball lines – feedback from members was conclusive. The tape was difficult to adhere to the court surface and players felt the taped lines, often torn and tattered, interfered with tennis play; Afternoon Pickleball on court # 3 did not interfere with tennis as our courts where virtually empty.

2014 – Fall/Winter: The Board found a grant opportunity that if successful would extend opportunities for our members and the general public to play an outdoor racquet sport (Pickleball) that complemented tennis. A New Horizons Grant for Seniors was completed and submitted. Support was received from the Aurora Senior’s Center and the Town of Aurora. The grant proposal from the Federal Government succeeded. The funder stipulated that ACTC would continue to support pickleball for seniors for five years. this expectation was central to their desire that community organizations use the grant to make lasting changes that bring benefit to senior's health and well being.      

2015 – A successful grant application enabled ACTC to launch and run a successful PB program. ACTC added over 50 new members and the Club benefited from Pickleball resources that came with the Federal New Horizons grant.  Our summer children’s camp program dedicated one day per week to play Pickleball. The children requested this option. Conclusion – Pickleball encourages children’s participation in tennis/racquet sports.

2015 – In September, the Board received a recommendation from our Pickleball Committee that lines should be permanently painted on court # 3. After reviewing the ICTA Rule book (Tennis Canada Rule book) and learning that the Rule book allowed blending lines on tennis courts, the ACTC Board passed a motion to apply painted blended lines for Pickleball on court # 3 for the 2016 season..

2016 – In March some members, learning of our permanent lines on court # 3 expressed their concern about the lines interfering with Inter County Tennis Association league play. The Board recognized that our new Pickleball program would not be welcome to all ACTC members. To help our members understand how Pickleball complements and extends ACTC Mission we are responding with these points:

  • ACTC leases its courts from the municipality. With the rising popularity of pickleball, the Board foresaw that it is quite possible that the Town would dedicate a court or courts to pickleball. This has occurred in other Canadian jurisdictions. The Board took proactive steps to respond to the emerging interest in pickleball. Furthermore, the Town Master Plan calls for multi-purpose facilities. The Board unanimously agreed to support the Town's multi-purpose policy for a growing & underserved demographic on one court during low tennis usage times. 
  • Pickleball is a very complimentary game to tennis and that it is an ideal sport for members whose aging limbs can no longer allow them to continue playing tennis; Pickleball is a “transition” sport for aging ACTC members; tennis programs across North America are including Pickleball in their programs;
  • Most members and visiting ICTA players will accept playing on a court with blended lines, as many players are familiar with playing sports in gyms that have numerous lines painted for many different sport activities;
  • If any ACTC player or visiting ICTA player feels that the Pickleball lines on court # 3 impede their performance, the team captain can schedule that team on courts one or two, when those courts become available. The ACTC Board will book a local court if requested by the Team captain (advance notice required);
  • With our new Pickleball Program, ACTC has more members contributing to the growth of our Club. We have increased our assets that all members enjoy. Also, we have a volunteer committee to oversee development of our Pickleball program; By having a Pickleball program ACTC is meeting the needs of seniors in Aurora has strengthened relationships with the Town and community partners. 

Tennis and/or Pickleball - a game for life 

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