Overview of the PATS Program

Pickleball for Parkinsons and Arthritis

Overview of P & A Program

Pickleball for Parkinson's and Arthritis Program

If you wish to learn more about our Parkinson's and Arthritis Pickleball Program please review the excerpts below. If you would like the full proposal, please contact Brent MacKinnon. 

Project Description:

Activities: Seniors involved with the organization will participate in a pickleball program and train other seniors with limitations in pickleball to promote social interaction amongst the senior community.

The key activities of the project will be:

  •        Program manager consults providers to secure play space;
  •        Promotion of activities including establishing online website information source;
  •        Recruitment of instructors and participants;
  •        Provide training to mentors and certified instructors;
  •        Run 6 week, two, one hour Pickleball instruction sessions:
  • Provide administrative support and complete year-end evaluation report.

Key role of seniors and volunteers are:

  •        Seniors will create a volunteer peer group that will assist a certified instructor to        deliver the assessment and training program; 
  •        The volunteer group will teach and assist other seniors to play Pickleball and              work to ensure seniors with Parkinson's and arthritis are included.

Purchases Include:

  •        Capital Assets: (equipment purchase and replacement): ball machine, ball                hopper, and Pickleballs;
  •        Funding for manager/webmaster; Trainer fees for certified coaches;
  •        Costs for hospitality and honoraria

Program Activities - Schedule

April 2018: 

Program Manager begins contacting providers of indoor pickleball venues to secure        playspace for pickleball i.e. municipal recreation gyms, Community centers, church halls etc.

June 2018:

Advertise the program across the Region and accept applications for Parkinsons patients and "Player Buddies".

June - ongoing:

Establish an online website for informing the community and promoting the project.

July - August:

Provide training to "Player Buddies" and certified instructors delivering the program.

September - April 2019:

Run 6 week PATS sessions, two one hour session twice per week with 4 participants per one hour session twice per week (40 minimum 1st year). Record assessment values progression.

August - April 2019:

Provide all administrative support needed for  the program including payments, record keeping, public relations, rental payments, inquiries from other jurisdictions, supervision etc.

Complete and send year- end report to funder. Program continues on self-sustaining basis or supported role by ACTC.

PATS is a trademark name for the Pickleball PATS Program

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